Why I Chose To Create A WordPress Website and 1and1.com Web Hosting

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Why I Chose to create a WordPress Website

Why did I chose a WordPress website over Zenfolio? Because I needed to create! I wanted to be different! And most of all I needed to cut costs and I wanted an SSL (secure sockets layer- it creates a secure connection between a client and a server) certificate for my website.  I wanted  freedom in how my website looked.  Plus, I like being a bit different than the rest of the crowd.  I used Zenfolio for my website needs for almost 6 months.  It was an easy platform to use and I had no problems with them.  And I’m sure I didn’t use it’s full potential.  

Like many other people out there, I needed to cut costs after Christmas and my website was where I could cut costs the most.  At $28 per month ($240 annually) as a monthly subscriber, I couldn’t afford it anymore.  I could’ve gone down to the starter plan at $60/yr subscription or $7/mo without an e-commerce store (which I was thinking of ditching any way) but I  would’ve had the Zenfolio ad on my website for that low price, which is no biggy, but still not what I was looking for.  

Researching Zenfolio’s competitors

My next move was to research Zenfolio’s biggest competitors, wix.com and Squarespace.com .  Both are excellent companies, with easy to use interfaces and many templates to choose from.  They just weren’t what I was looking for.

Wix.com had compelling pricing.  The lowest price they offered, which included their brand ads on your site was $5/mo with the annual subscription. Then the cost went up to $10/mo, $14/mo, $17/mo then lastly $25/mo (all of these prices is only if you get their annual subscription price).  You can check out what they have to offer and their prices here  

I seriously thought hard about Squarespace.com.  They have great reviews, and they are always improving and innovating their website services.  Plus I’ve heard their customer service is top notch.  Their prices start at $12/mo ($144 annually) or if you pay monthly it’s $16/mo for their Personal website plan, $18/mo ($216 annually) or $26/mo for monthly payments for their Business plan.  They have higher tiers that offer online stores that are priced at $26/mo ($312 annually) for Basic and Advanced at $40/mo ($480 annually).  I might still choose Squarespace.com at a later time because they do offer a lot for the money.  You can find their prices and what they offer here.  By the way, they offer SSL certificate with all of their plans, but it was  still too expensive for me at  $144 annually.   

So, Where did I go to next?

I already had a domain name that I had purchased from Name CheapSo, I wasn’t really looking for a host that offered a free domain.  I wanted a host that could offer an SSL certificate and give me a bit more freedom (just in case I learn code in the near future), offer an easy way to use and learn WordPress and an option to incorporate e-commerce in the future.

The first place I looked for hosting was where I purchased my domain and where it’s registered, at namecheap.com .  Base price is $9.88/the 1st year for up to 3 websites then it goes up to 38.88/yr after that.  For that price you would get 20 GB of SSD (Solid State Drive) accelerated disc space and unlimited band width, which isn’t too bad.   They also offer WP or any application of your choice with support.  They offer higher packages and you can check them out here.  One of the things I didn’t see advertised was an SSL certificate option and that’s something I wanted.  

What Next You Ask?

I next researched hosting sites I knew of, and that seriously put me down a rabbit hole I didn’t want to go down into.  I then googled what I was looking for and I got an article from PC Mag written in Jan of 2017, and you can see it here.   They talked about all the big ones, like Host Gator, Blue Host, Go Daddy, etc, the list goes on.  1 and 1 were ranked number 2, which I couldn’t figure out since they had green check marks all the way down the chart.  

Why Did 1 and 1 hosting appeal to me?

I chose 1 and 1 due to the fact that the SSL certificate came with all of the hosting plans and the purchase of another one wasn’t too expensive ($9.99/yr).  Having that on my website makes me feel safer and I hope it conveys safety with my visitors.  The base price is at $0.99/for the 1st year then $7.99/mo ($96 annually) after that.  I received 1 domain and on 1 sub-domain for free.  For one of my sites I purchased 1 and 1’s managed WordPress (they help keep everything up to date and keep it running smoothly) for $36/year.  With the additional add-ons it cost me $71.05 for my first year.  That’s not too shabby for a spot to park my website, a couple of WordPress websites and some add-ons.  You can get their price plans here.  

In Closing… 

When it comes to choosing a place for you to put your website, you have to decide what it is that you want, and what is important to you.  The two important factors to me were cost and security.  With 1 and 1 hosting I have met both of those factors and I got to create a WordPress website.  

Many people get scared of starting a WordPress site, and I was one of those people.  I became a braver person and decided it was time to use WordPress, especially if I wanted something different.  To tell you the truth, I don’t know what I was so afraid of.  Yes, I had to do some research, and I still do on the things I don’t understand.  But, there are so many supportive websites (like wpbeginner.com) and YouTube videos that can help you with setting it up.  I have had to use some code, but that was an easy copy and paste for something that I wanted on my website.  

There are a lot of beautiful sites out there, some are from website builders like Zenfolio, Wix and Squarespace.  Then there are interestingly different sites that are created using WordPress.   I’m not even going near the sites that are totally built with the use of code, those people rock in my book.  It’s all about your needs, wants and what you can afford.  It’s easier and cheaper now more than ever to create a website you want and at the cost you can afford.  So, get out there and create!  

If you’ve been thinking about a website…

If you’ve been thinking about creating a website, what have you been looking at?  Where did you get some good information on potential websites?  I would love to know! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read what I had to say.  Until next time, Enjoy the life, Enjoy the day and take lots of photos for the memories! 

NOTE:  I am at this time, in no way affiliated with any of the sites I’ve posted in this article.



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