My Top 4 Business Apps on My Phone or Tablet

my cell phone has some of my favorite apps

Happy Friday/Weekend!!

Happy Friday to all of you! I hope it was a great week and I hope it will be an even better weekend! Since it’s Friday, I thought I’d give you something to peruse if you get bored and post my top 4 business apps that I use on my phone and tablet.  With today’s technology, how can you not have an app (application) to make your life easier and run more smoothly.  And, yes we have those apps that distract us, like Facebook, Instagram and so many games I couldn’t name them all (my fave is solitaire, I’m so wild!).  But, I’m not going to discuss those apps because we’re talking about apps that will make us doing business away from work easier and quicker so we can get back to spending precious time with our family and friends.  

Top 2 of my top 4 business apps

So, lets go ahead and get into this so you can go check these out when you have nothing else better to do.  My first and favorite app is OneDrive by Microsoft.  I can share almost anything with this app.  Photos, files from my computer, and share files from or to this app with other apps like my faxing app which I’ll discuss in a later post.  I use this app the most when it comes to sharing my files with my husband or with the company we work for.  It makes my life much easier! This app is available at both the itunes app store and the  Google Play Store.  

My next favorite app is Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Being a photographer, I pretty much use Adobe for almost everything.  But, I started using this app long before I became seriously interested in photography.  It has always been my top PDF reader, on my computer, phone, or tablet.  You can now scan any document and create a PDF, you can sign and fill in forms, you can sign contracts and send them to the other party, you can annotate notes on the PDF, and you can connect it to DropBox and share your documents there.  It is an easy app to use and very useful when I need contracts signed.  This app is also available at the itunes app store and the Google Play Store.  

And now on to the next two apps….

We’re just moving along, aren’t we?! My third favorite app is Microsoft’s Office App.  The reason why this one is 3rd and not 2nd is because the services for this one has a cost, at least Office 365, not the app.  I have the Office 365 annual subscription for the home for $99.99 per year for up to 5 computers so others in my household can also use it.  This app isn’t truly an Office 365 app.  I think of this app as a place to “corral” all of my office apps, like Excel, Word, and Power Point.  I mainly use Excel and Word.  The app connects to my Drop Box and to my OneDrive, which makes things easier to work with.  You can get the app in the Google Play Store or at the Microsoft store for ios and for Google.

Now, on to the last of my top 4 apps! This app I’ve had for a very long time and it’s been on several of my phones and tablets.  This app scans in different modes, you can change the documents you’ve scanned, it auto crops the item scanned and you can share your documents with Drop Box, Google cloud print and fax, and Google Drive.  I use this app a lot in conjunction with my Faxing app, and I’ll share that app next time.  You can get this app for free at the Google Play Store or at the itunes apple store.  There is a paid version for $1.99 at the Google Play Store  it doesn’t have the limitations that the free version has.   There is also a paid version at the itunes apple store called camscanner pro for $4.99.  

That’s it for now…

Well, that’s my 4 top apps for this week.  Next week I’ll give you 4 more apps I love using for business.  Just to let you know, I am in no way affiliated with any of these companies that produce and make these apps, they are just my favorite apps to use for business and I wanted to share with you, my readers, my favorite ones that make my life easier.  What business type apps make your life easier?  Did I name any of the ones you use or do you have something that I didn’t mention?  Please, let me know in the comments what apps you use and why you like them.  I’m always on the look out for apps that will make my life easier and more productive!

I hope you have a great weekend and make the most of your memories!  Remember to Enjoy Life, Enjoy the Day and take lots of photos! 



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