My Top 4 Business Apps For my Phone or Tablet: Part Two

Screenshot of cell phone apps

My next Top 4 Business Apps

Hey! How are you doing? Last week I posted my top 4 business apps, and this week is the other 4 business apps that I use quite a lot. I’m sure you have those apps that you have on your phone that you don’t use as often as Facebook, Instagram or even your email, but when you need them you have them.  And, you’re really glad you have them when you  need them? That’s what these apps are. They are like your long lost doll that you forgot about when you became a teenager.  But when you have a really crappy day, she’s there to save you! That’s how I feel about these next three apps.  I don’t always need them, but they are there and able to do the job when I need them to. So, let’s get into this!

Fax File

screenshot of Fax File
Screenshot of Fax File

The first app I’m going to talk about is Fax File from Actual Software Inc.  This is a free app in the Google Play store, but you need to purchase credits through the Google Play store in order to send a fax.  There are no monthly or anual fees, it’s a pay as you go type of app.  You can use this app on any android phone or tablet and on ios devices.  Yes, you can find it in the Apple itunes store here.  The cost of the credst are as follows:  $2.49 for 50 credits, $9.99 for 250, $19.99 for 600 and 49.99 for 2000 credits.  It costs 10 credits per page sent.  So, you can send 5 pages for $2.49, which is about the cost to send the first page at a truck stop.  This app is a very cost effective app for any traveler! It’s saved me quite a bit of dough!

This app supports PDF and MS Word Documents (.doc or .docx).  It can also send an image from your phone or tablets camera as a jpg or png (smaller image formats).  I use this app along with the Camscanner app I mentioned last week.  They work great together! I can use this app any time I have cell coverage.  Of course if I am out in the middle of the dessert of Nevada I can’t use it, nor my phone for that matter.

Screenshot of Fax file2
Screenshot of Fax File2

I think I’ve only had issues with this app once.  A couple of months ago I had to send some documentation to a government agency (I think this is really where the problem was) and they didn’t receive the last page.  It could’ve been a human error on their side or it could’ve been a connection problem on my end. I have terrible cell coverage in my apartment.  I resent the missing page and it got through to the agency.  This app has a 4.3 rating in the Google Play store while I write this.  

Fax File Cover Sheets

Screenshot of Fax Cover Sheet
Screenshot of Fax Cover Sheet

The next app is for those of us that need/desire to have a cover page for our faxes we send.  This app is called Fax Cover Sheets, and it’s also made by Actual Software Inc.  They have two versions, a free one and a Pro one for $1.99. I have the free version.  This app works well in conjunction with the Fax File app.  This app creates the cover sheet in a PDF format.  It’s real easy, you fill in the info to include the fax number you’re sending it to then you hit continue.  It will show you a preview of the cover sheet.  Then you can save it on your phone for a later time, share it, or hit the icon of the fox on the lower right side and it will take you back to the Fax File app so you can send your fax.  Very simple and easy to use.  So easy that a trucker can use it.  By the way, I couldn’t find this app in the Apple itunes store. This app has a 4.4 rating in the Google Play Store. 

Fax Receive

Screenshot of Fax Receive
Screenshot of Fax Receive

The third app I’m going to talk about is Fax Receive and it was also created by Actual Software Inc.  It’s an app which allows you to receive faxes directly to your phone or table granted you are connected to the internet at the time.  Yes, this does work on a wifi hotspot.  I’ve used this app while using my phone as a wifi hotspot while my husband was traveling 60 miles down the road.  The app itself is free but you purchase the time you need to receive the fax.  The cost per time is below:


screen shot of prices for fax receive
prices for fax receive

Fax receive doesn’t use your devices phone #, they “rent’ you a fax # for the amount of time you request.  If your fax hasn’t come in when your time is up, you can purchase a bit more time until it comes in.  This is a bit more expensive and yes I’ve done it.  Now when I know I’m receiving a fax or know that I’ll probable need to receive quite a few faxes I’ll purchase more time than what I think I’ll need just in case.  You’ll receive your fax in PDF format and you can share it to almost anything and have it printed.  Yes, the fax you receive looks as if it came from the next room, at least my faxes have.  This one is available in the Apple itunes store and you can find it here.   This app has a 3.9 rating in the Google Play Store. 


Screenshot of Evernote App
Screenshot of Evernote App

I have had the Evernote app almost since it’s inception.  It has always been my favorite organizational app.  It has so much to off for anyone needing organizing, or connecting and working together on a project.  It’s an amazing app and I’m sure I’m under-utilizing it. I’ve seen reviews where writers use this app to organize their thoughts and their writings for stories or poems, there are so many possibilities.  The app itself is free, but some of the services are not. 

They offer three versions of this app.  The first one is the Basic Evernote which is free.  You get 60 MB of new uploads per month and you can Sync across 2 devices.  You can only do the basic stuff with this version.  That’s one of the main reasons why I use the basic, because I mainly use it to keep track of organization of my household, our driving miles in our semi, notes on sizes or future trips and vacations.  I don’t need a lot and so the basic plan works for me.  

The next plan is the plus plan for $34.99 annually which isn’t too bad considering all of the annual plans a photographer incurs.  With this plan you get 1 GB of new uploads per month and you can Sync across all of your devices.  The most costly plan is the Premium plan which costs ^69.99 per year and you get 10 GB of new uploads per month and you can also Sync across all of your devices.  You can see the plans and what they offer here.   And yes, you can get the Evernote app through the Apple itunes store here

 In Conclusion…

The cell phones that we carry around with us every day all the time have become an essential part of our lives.  I don’t know how I would survive in today’s technological world with it.  These devices are little mini computers that can do amazing things, yet many of us just take photos with it, socialize, and play games on it. They can do so much more than we give them credit for.  That’s why I love sharing the apps I use, so other’s can see the potential and use that wonderful device to it’s fullest also. If there are apps that you use for business please share! I’m always on the look out for tools that will make my life simpler and easier!  I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies that produce these apps, just to put it out there in case you were wondering. 

Remember, enjoy life, enjoy today and take lots of photos for the memories!

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