Time Sure Flies, How Do You Catch It?

sun setting on time

Time Sure Flies!

Time sure flies by the older you get it seems.  So, how does one catch it?  I was looking at my Bullet Journal this morning to see what I had in store for the day, and I noticed that it was March 15th.  The first quarter of 2017 is almost over with, and I feel I’ve wasted it!

When I was a kid, I used to be astounded by my mother every time she said this.  I used to think she was crazy!! I was always wanting time to go faster, the faster it was, the faster I became a teenager, then an adult.  Boy, was I wrong! There are so many times I sorely wished it would just put on the brakes!! 

Kids Are Smart, Even When They’re grown…

Our adult son said something that was pretty profound the other day.  He said that there were two things he hated as an adult.  One was not having enough money to do the things he wanted to, and the other was that there wasn’t enough time for anything.  He said  not having enough time, was worse than not having enough money.  He wished that when he was in a really good moment, and everything was going great, why couldn’t time just stop and let you be there for a while.  I understood his meaning all too well. Then, he broke our thoughtful moment and asked me when I was going back out on the road.  Talk about abruptly bringing me back to my reality.  Thanks kid!

My Doctor’s Appointment is less than a month away…

My next appointment with my orthopedic surgeon is April 10th, that’s less than a month away, and yes I’m freaking out!  His assistant told me at my last appointment, that if I had full range of motion with my shoulder, I’ll probably be released.  ARGH!!!!

Am I scared?  A little more freaked out than scared.  It will have been a year since I’ve driven a semi on April 25th, and I feel like that all I’ve done is get new body parts.  I’m a bit nervous about driving again, but then I question myself and ask, “Do I want to driver over the road again?” That’s the big scary question right there.  I really want to start my photography business, but I really don’t feel that I’m ready. I know some stuff, and some stuff more than others, but a lot less than many. .  

Should I just keep doing what I know?

diving a semi
Rolling down The Road

I know trucking like the back of my hand.  It is a job I’ve done for over 30 years.  When my husband and I team together, we are very good at our job and make good money.   And, I’m a weird wife, I love working with my husband.  So, why should I change gears in a totally different direction?  I don’t know, I ate dumb dumb cookies for lunch and my brain is jelly.

Going on the road with my husband is the quickest way for us to build up our savings and get back on our feet.  I like having that safety net of a ready job with my previous employer.  But, is it worth my sanity? I know I will hate the job even more if I continue to do it for more than another year.  And, being in a job that you truly hate doesn’t help your soul, your health nor your relationships.  I’d be happier in the long run if I didn’t go back to driving a semi.

Should I go headstrong into the photography business?

Selfie with camera

Should I go into the photography business full throttle and see where that takes me?  I don’t think so, or is that my fear talking.  Most of us are afraid to leave our comfort zone.  Driving a semi is my comfort zone.  It’s been my comfort zone for over 30 years.  Yeah, it’s scary to start in a new field, let alone starting your own business.  Yes, I could be a photographer for someone else, that’s if they’ll have me.  But then, I would have to stay at home, can’t do that as an over the road trucker.

Hubby suggested the other day that I should think about looking for a local driving job so I could be at home and continue with my photography.  He just had to throw another wrench into the mess.  Well, at least I know I will have his blessing if that’s what I choose.  And I have roughly 4 weeks to make that decision.  Once I’m released I have to be quick about my decision because the long term disability checks will stop coming in and I need an income.

Time has flown by…

tools to manage time
My tools to manage time.

Time HAS flown by me, and I need to catch up to it.  I know one thing after writing this blog today, and that’s that I seriously need to manage my time better.  I’ve started doing time logs in my bullet journal, and at least it’s telling me where my time is being spent.  I need something that will help me manage it better.  For instance, maybe setting the stop watch for each of my daily tasks and when it goes off, then I stop and go onto the next task.  That might work. Do you feel like time is going too fast? Do you have a handle on it?  What do you use to help you manage your time?  Leave a comment below and let me know, I’d really like to know what you do.  

Thanks For Stopping By!

Our cat relaxing
Our Cat Yuki Relaxing

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my thoughts about my fears and questions about my future.  Like I said earlier, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject.  Until next time, Enjoy Life, Enjoy the day, and take lots of photos for the memories!







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