Putting Yourself Out There!

Head shot of Heidi

Why You Have To Put Yourself Out There…

When you’re starting a business, no matter what type of business it is, you have to put yourself out there in order for your business to become known.  People just don’t know about your business through osmosis.  Especially if you’re in the business of service, like photography, if you don’t put yourself out there, no one will know what you offer.  Also, as a photographer, you just can’t keep putting portraits up of yourself and your husband, it just isn’t right.  

You would think that for an out going person this would be easy peasy.  Well, it’s not! It is a bit scary and nerve racking to say the least.  In the beginning of the year I put this down as one of my goals, to ask people if I can photograph them, hoping this would encourage me to get my butt out there and do it.  I kept putting it off, but I had this down to be accomplished by March, so I was determined to do this! It’s scary to go up to people you barely know and as them if you can take their photo.  Then to ask them if it’s ok to put their face out into the “World Wide Web” and put it on your web site and social media.  Needless to say I was sweatin bullets!

So, how do you put yourself out there you ask?

Portrait of George
Portrait of George

It wasn’t easy, I’ll tell you that! Being an over the road truck driver, and living in a fairly new area, you don’t get to meet and know people except those that serve you.  The staff at the doctor’s office, the dentist, the grocers and restaurants you frequent, that’s pretty much the people in your world.  Even though I’ve been home for about a year now, I barely know anyone.  The only people I’ve gotten to get more acquainted with are the people mentioned above and the people that work at my apartment complex.

Well, I HAD to do this, sooner than later, so I kicked myself into gear and got up the nerve to ask the people at my apartment complex.  I walked into the office at our apartment complex a couple of weeks ago and just straight up asked if they didn’t mind if I took photos of them for practice.  To make the deal sweater for them, I offered the digital files in return for their time.  I also asked them if I could put them up on my website and social media.  They happily agreed.  I had asked people to be my subjects and they didn’t shoot nor hang me and they said yes!! I did it! It worked and I was HAPPY!!

All said and done!  Until next time…

male head shot
Male head shot

With all said and done I did it! I finally put myself out there.  Yes, it was hard at first! For me to go and ask people I barely knew to be my guinea pigs.  But, it had to be done if I wanted the practice to become a better photographer and to have a better folio.  And, yes it gets a bit easier each time you do it. I asked the manager this last Monday if he wouldn’t mind me photographing him.  He agreed happily to do it this Friday, and I was ecstatic!  So, you have to get over your fear, what ever fear that might be, and just do it! If you can’t over come your fear to put yourself out there, then maybe you should re-think having your own business.  

Until next hurdle as a photographer! Enjoy life, Enjoy the day and take lots of photos for the memories!

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