My Photography Journey

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My photography journey into glamour portraiture

I know it’s been a while again and I really need to stop procrastinating when it comes to updating you on what’s going on in my life and with my photography journey.  My husband and I have had a busy 2 months and it doesn’t look like it’s going to let up any time soon, especially since hubby and I have decided to start our own trucking business.  It’s his business, but of course I’m helping him with it, just as he’s helping me with my photography business.  It’s all about teamwork in this family.


Let’s get on with it…Find some wonderful Mentors that you look up to!

Gina Milicia
Gina Milicia

Well, I digress.  My progress in this journey excelled quite a bit after listening to my two favorite female photographers Sue Bryce at and Gina Milicia at, in their videos and their podcast (Gina Milicia).  They both have that CAN DO attitude!  That’s what makes them great at what they do! They are both great photographers in my mind and wonderful teachers!  Miss Sue Bryce is excellent on the business side of photography and in the “ideas” side of things.  Gina is also excellent with ideas, on how to shoot, edit and how to get it right in camera on manual mode.  Such wonderful women to follow! 


Listen to those mentors! They have a message, you’re just not listening!!

Sue Bryce Eduation
Sue Bryce

I was feeling gloomy for a while, about not having people in front of the camera.  No one wants to pay an in-experienced photographer with their heirloom portraiture.  I don’t blame them.  So, how does an over the road truck driver who knows no one, and her family is small and far away, get trusting people in front of the camera for portfolio building?  Sue Bryce says to “Find a way”! So, I found a way.  I made a separate Facebook page for this blog, so I used this Facebook page to find other photographers in my area.  Then I realized that there were models in my area that needed photographers for their portfolio building, just as I was needing “bums on seats” as Sue Bryce says, and this became my match made in heaven per say.  I found  the DFW TFP Facebook page and I found a few models and a hair and makeup artist that would trust me enough to be their photographer.  I am so happy and elated that they did! If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be as far along as I am in my photography!  


Gina Milicia is always in my head every time I shoot.  I think it’s because I’m always listening to her podcast, “So You Want To Be A Photographer” with Valerie Khoo.  Two wonderfully witty women that I am learning so much from, and just not about photography, but also about Australia and Nutella!  Thank you girls for creating a wonderful place for photographers of all levels to learn from! The Facebook page is so full of great information, and not just from Gina and Valerie, but from the many photographers that go there to share and learn! If you want to get into photography, please go to, or the Facebook group page So, you want to be a photographer: Podcast community.  The best group of people from all over the world are in this group! 


Network in your area, not around the world! Even if it’s online!


The DFW TFP group on Facebook is also where I found the wonderful David Whatley.  A dear man and great photographer who owns and runs the Covenant Studio in Hurst TX.  I was fortunate enough to have found him the same time someone else in his studio was moving out and on to other things, so he just happened to have an opening for me to become a member and rent the studio.  A much better option than my apartment or my very hot garage in my apartment community.  If I had my own house, I might have used a spare room.  But I don’t have that and this was a wonderful opportunity for me not to pass up!  Thank you David Whatley for offering up the studio so that I may progress in my dream to be a full time photographer sooner than later!  


Finally, my outcome and what I’ve learned so far….

Evanne's glamour shoot. Call 817-993-9834
Evanne, hair and make up artist and super model!

I am now planning shoots a month in advance, and hopefully there will be paid shoots in my future. But, for now doing these shoots for trade is an amazing way to build my portfolio and show others that I can show them their beauty.  I have also learned a few things along the way.  Hair and make up take time, and that is usually about 1 and 1/2 hrs, and I have to book my studio time accordingly. The time for hair and make up is so that everything is right for the camera.  These cameras today can see everything, and I mean every nook and cranny.  So, having an good hair and make up artist is essential!  Especially one that used to be a model, like the amazing Evanne Renae Haag!  She is a wonderful person and great to work with!  

Also, I need to start doing a before and after shoot, not just for myself, but for the hair and make up artist.  People think that models are always beautifully made up all the time, and that is not the case. I’ve found that many of them work 2-3 jobs in order to pursue their passion of modeling, and they are normal people just like you and I!  There are tall ones, short ones, curvey ones and skinny ones and they are all beautiful in their own right!  They have bad days just like we do, and they are trying to go for the stars just like the rest of us! No one should assume that a model’s life is perfect!  

Robin's glamour shoot. Call 817-993-9834
Robin’s Starlette pose!


Well, that is what I have learned so far.  I hope someone else out there can learn from my mistakes and from the lessons I’ve learned.  Don’t ever stop your dreams just because things don’t fall in the right place for you.  As Sue Bryce says, “keep walking towards your goals, because no one else is going to do it for you!” Find someone or a couple of someones you admire and find out how they made it to where they are, you might be surprised by their story!  Remember to enjoy life, enjoy the day and take lots of photos! 

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