My Life As An Over The Road Truck Driving Photographer

It all started 3 Weeks ago…

We have been trying to get home for about 3 weeks now, and each time either fate or Mother Nature throws a wrench into our plans.  It’s no one’s fault either, it’s just that shit happens.  Though I do think that shit happens more in the winter in the North than any other time of the year!

“The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry…”

Stay within the lines


This saying should by both of our companies mottos! The first time I planned on getting us home, I had all of our trips lined up (3 of them) and we were planning everything we were going to get done on this hometime, to include a couple of shoots I was hoping to get in.  On my way to pick up our load at the shipper I started getting a lot of messages down on our “on board communications device” or QualComm, and when we usually get a lot down at a time, it’s not good. So, I pulled into a rest area to read the messages and low and behold, they were from our company Rep or (BOA) letting me know that the customer pushed the pick up time two days out.  Well that TOTALLY SUCKED!! The other two loads I had lined up to get us home was all based on this one load to get us down south.  So I had to scrap all of the loads I had lined up for us and start over.  

After sitting for about an hour I finally find a load to get us down to Georgia, but I had to wait another day.  When the wheels aren’t moving, we aren’t making any money, so this wasn’t ideal, but it was better than waiting for that earlier load for 2 days. There still weren’t any loads out of Georgia to get us over to Texas, but it was coming up on a weekend, and something might pop up.  Ha ha ha! I can wish and hope all I wanted to but that wasn’t happening! There were no loads going to Texas from that area, so I decided to just keep running, at least another week so we wouldn’t lose money trying to get home.  I found another good paying load, but it was going back up to Washington.  On the way up, I found 2 more loads to get us home! Ok, I’m feeling good about this! Finally!  YEAH, TEXAS BOUND BABY!

Mother Nature Hates Me!!

Winter weather in Colorado


The closer we were getting to home, the better I was feeling.  It was going to happen this time! So, this weekend, I felt so confident that I scheduled studio time and then put a call out on facebook for models to shoot.  This was going to be all right, I was going to get some camera time in and get some much needed errands done (like get myself a message!). Only a few more days until Tuesday, the day we’re supposed to be home, I could almost feel my carpet under my feet!

Then sadly, this morning I had awakened to our truck driving very slowly, and soft mellow, jazzy music playing up front, and that isn’t good (that’s bad weather music in this truck). I sneakily open the sleeper curtains to look out, and what do I see? White stuff all over the roads and hubby driving slowly and cautiously. ARGH!!! So, I get up and start looking up the road conditions and weather in all of the states we’re supposed to travel through, and it doesn’t look good at all.  Blizzard conditions for the next 400 to 500 miles of our trip.  I’m tired of driving in horribly crappy conditions, and I don’t want our “house on wheels” to end up in a ditch somewhere in Wyoming or Colorado, I tell hubby to find a safe place to park that we were shutting it down.  Fortunately we found a spot and we’ve been here all day, and will be here until Monday morning unfortunately! 

1600 Miles to go….

We have 1600 miles to travel still in order to deliver this load safely to the customer.  Tomorrow I will be on the great hunt for the load to Texas.  If I can’t find one, then I might just book us out until next week and try this all over again.   But this time I think I might just try to keep us down south.  This winter weather is for the birds! 

Remember to enjoy life, enjoy the day and take lots of photos for the memories! Peace out!



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