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Learning A New Trade The Traditional Way

When we learn a new trade, someone teaches you, right? I’ve been a truck driver most of my life.  I learned that job through the Army.  I first went to Basic Training to learn basic military skills,  then I went to AIT (Advanced Individual Training) to learn how to become a transporter (truck driver).  But, AIT didn’t teach much, so I had to learn more at my unit from skilled veterans in my field.  When I became a civilian trucker, I learned from my husband and other old farts in trucking.   When I got out of the service and wanted to learn nursing and psychology, I went to a community college filled with Professors and wonderful educators.  Now, I’m looking at starting a new profession, so I have to learn that trade somewhere, right?  But where do I go to learn to become a photographer?

Learning a New Trade Today

When it comes to learning a new trade today, with all of the technology available to us, there are so many options to choose from.  I could go the traditional route and go to a brick and mortar school and study photography. Or, I can choose the non-traditional route and learn from a combination of resources; YouTube (where everyone learns everything today), Books, Podcasts, and websites.  I am choosing the non-traditional route, quite a bit cheaper and a lot more diverse resources.  There is a wealth of information out there delivered by some of the best photographers in the world, so why not learn from them. 

My Assortment of Non-Traditional Schools and their classrooms


First and foremost is going to be YouTube.  We have all learned something from YouTube, it’s the free education of the world today.  Because it’s free though, the bad comes along with the good, it is a huge part of the World Wide Web after all. And yes, I have a lot of channels that I like and that I learn from, here are a few of them.  Please check them out and let me know what you think.

  1. My favorite and top one that I watch is Tony & Chelsea Northrup.  (The rest are in no particular order)
  2. Improve Photography A great bunch of guys and 1 gal that give you SO much information on all different genres of photography, and they have different avenues of dispersing their wealth of information.  
  3. I can’t mention Improve Photography without mentioning Nick Page, He is a wonderful all around photographer, but his true talent is in landscape photography.  Go check out his videos and don’t forget to check out his website.
  4. My last mention for right now is Adorama TV They have a ton of information from  analog photography (film) to using drones.


The first book I would suggest you get would be an in depth manual on your chosen camera.  Since I use Nikon, I used a book by David Busch for my particular camera.  You are probably asking, “why can’t I use the one that came with the camera?” Well, the one that came with the camera is fine and dandy, but getting a book with a more in depth view of your camera that’s not written by the company that manufactured it, you might actually understand your camera better. 

Another book I’d highly recommend is Stunning Digital Photography by Tony Northrup.  It’s well worth the $10 if you buy it in Kindle form.  If you register it on his website, you will get free upgrades to the book for life.  I think you can also get the new videos with the printed version also.  He also has a few other books that I would highly recommend, Adobe Lightroom 6/CC Video BookPhotoshop CC Essentials for Photographers, and Tony Northrup’s Buying Guide


Being a truck driver you learn to listen to other things besides the radio, or music from an iPod, which gets boring after a while.  I’ve found out about the world of podcasts, and there are so many out there, let alone the ones about photography.  By the way, I do not own an apple product, so I get my podcasts from what is called a pod catcher.  the one I use is Stitcher, which I can also listen through my laptop or computer. My favorites photography podcasts are: So You Want To Be A Photographer Podcast with Gina Milicia and Valerie Khoo, Pocket Lenses by Sonny Portacio, The Business of Photography by Sprout Studios, and lastly the whole line up of Improve Photography; Improve Photography, Portrait Session, Tripod, and a short one called Photo Taco.


As we all know, the internet is so vast that it goes beyond the imagination that it could almost be infinite.  There are a few that I always seem to go back to for information on photography. I’ll first mention a few of my favorite free sites.

  1. http://improvephotography.com/
  2. http://sdpcommunity.com/
  3. https://northrup.photo/
  4. https://ginamilicia.com/
  5. http://www.adorama.com/alc/

The following are a few of my favorite sites in which you need to pay.

  1. http://improvephotography.com/store/ or you can get a lot more if you join the IP plus group for $19.95/mo
  2. https://www.creativelive.com/ this has been my go to site for paid content lately due to their huge sales that they have weekly, to include some free classes.

There is one more place that I’ve heard has great content and that’s https://www.lynda.com/ where you can learn almost anything, but I haven’t tried it yet.

I know this was a long post, but I wanted to point you in the right direction if you’re also thinking about learning photography.  I have no affiliation with any of these people nor their sites, I just love their content and feel that other’s should know about them.  When it comes to learning anything new today we have the whole world at our finger tips with computers and the internet, the possibilities are endless.

Tell Us Where You Go…

Tell us where you go to if you want to learn a new trade or skill, mention it below in the comments.  I’d also love to hear your thoughts on the resources I’ve posted. Thanks for stopping by and until next time, Enjoy life, enjoy the day, and take lots of photos!


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