How I Pack and Organize my Belongings In a Semi-Truck

How to Pack and Organize a Semi-Truck

How do you ready yourself to live in a closet on wheels?

It’s not an easy task, to pack just enough of your stuff in order to be comfortable in your semi-truck, or more accurately a closet on wheels.  And, it’s even harder to organize all of your belongings in that Semi-Truck you plan on living in.  Remember, I’m going to be living in this moving box with my husband, and we have to have the same gear for our work, so that means 2 of everything.  Last Thursday night I packed enough clothing to last a week, for warm and cold weather, and all of my camera equipment into a large gray storage box, 3 backpacks, and of course my purse! Oh, and just because I have to wear slip resistant boots for my work, doesn’t mean I had to leave behind my new snazzy pair of athletic shoes, so those came along for the ride.  I don’t care if I’m a trucker or not, I have to have at least 2 pairs of shoes! I’m still a woman!


Right now my stuff is all over the truck, except the clothes and equipment I put into the gray box.  I really haven’t touched anything in that yet.  It is total chaos in our closet on wheels.  My husband and I have been in this truck going on 3 years and it has over 387,000 miles on it. It’s past due the amount of miles that our company has a team driving a truck with that many miles, so we’re wondering if we are going to get a new truck after I get done with training.  I don’t want to put everything away in the cabinets just to take it out to move it to another truck.  Moving to another truck is like moving from one house to another, it’s something that most of us dread!  Unless you’re a glutton for punishment!

I wish I’d taken a photo of the mess it’s in right now and show you what we have to do to just go to bed or even eat a dinner in it.  But I didn’t get a chance to because my husband had to take a load down to Atlanta today.  He won’t be back until tomorrow with our truck. Then he takes off for Ohio to go pick up an abandoned truck, so I won’t see him until Thursday.  So, that’s one of the reasons why there aren’t a lot of photos in this post.  I wanted to get this out as soon as I got my tablet up and running.

Now, getting back to the chaos that’s in our truck.  Hopefully I’ll find out if we are going to move to a new truck.  If we don’t then I’m going to have to organize our truck for a short term living situation, because I know they’ll move us soon.  They don’t let team trucks have that many miles.  I’m a person that likes to organize, and our semi is where organization is needed most.

Organizing in a semi-truck

I’ve been driving over the road with my husband for over 13 years, and in those years I’ve learned to organize both Freightliner and Kenworth Trucks.  If you ask truckers which one of the two has the most room, most would tell you the Freightliner because there is a lot of open spaces in that truck, but I think you can get a lot crammed into a Kenworth just the same due to all the cubbies and hidding spaces that truck offers.  I’m going to share some of my organizational hacks that I have done in the Freightliner truck.

The Cabinets

How to organize a household in a semi-truck
Freightliner cabinet organization

The photo above is the “closet” cabinet behind the driver’s seat.  We usually don’t hang our clothes, we put them in boxes below the bunk.  This time we are putting our boxes up on the upper bunk.  I like to put these stackable drawers I got from Walmart in this cabinet in order to organize our canned and packaged food in the upper drawers and our body deorderants and powders in the lowest drawer.  Up above and slightly behind the drawers is a over the door shoe holder that I cut in half and hung from the curtain rod.  In this I have our individual microwaveable potatoes, macaroni, soups, fruits and vegitables.  They are the perfect size for it.  I had a bit of room behind that, so I put our extra cerial boxes behind that.  The cerial boxes that we were eating out of at the time I put on the top left side of the boxes and the plates on the right side of the boxes.  I would cram anything that we rarely used into the empty nooks and crannys.  I like to use up all of my available space.

How to Organize a Household into a Semi-truck
Organizing a Freightliner Semi-truck

This photo is of the inside of the door of the “closet” cabinet behind the driver’s seat. There is usually two plastic pockets on this door that you can use for papers and notebooks, but I needed just a bit more space.  So, I used the 2nd portion of the shoe holder by putting duct tape where I wanted to put two holes in it for the zip ties order to hang it on the top pocket to keep it from fraying.  I put our cocoa, tea, coffee, and oven cooking bags in this.  Even though this seems like something so small, it freed up some space in the drawers for larger items, and it made these items more accessable.

Stay Tuned For More To Come!

The above are just a few of my organizational ideas for one cabinet in our truck.  I have more ideas, for the other cabinet behind the passenger seat, the upper bunk and the foot of out bunk, but I’m going to save those for a later time.  It’s time for my bed and I have to get up early tomorrow morning.  I hope this might give you some ideas on how to organize small spaces.  What challenging spaces have you had to organize?  And how do you organize them?  Let me know in the comments! I love organizing small spaces!

Remember to enjoy life! Enjoy the day! And take lots of photos for the memories!

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