Hey! I’m Still Alive And Kicking! And Our Future Is Not What Was Planned!

What’s Up?!

I know, it’s been a while since my last post here, and I really do apologize! I know, No Excuses, Right!? We have been really busy since I’ve been back to work on the truck.  I came back to work on 1 May and we changed trucks two times within 3 days.  That’s the equivalent of moving a small household 2 times in one week.  It takes time and a lot of energy!  Especially when you have double the amount of stuff! Two people, two sets of everything! We were very pooped after that, to say the least!


truck organization
Truck Organization, 1 bin for winter clothes, 1 bin for Hubby’s clothes, and 1 bin for my clothes
organizing and living in a small space
We use every nook and cranny!

After we settled in our new truck (a company truck, not ours) we started driving around 5,000 to 6,000 miles per week.  We have had this truck for almost 7 weeks and we’ve already put over 51,000 miles on it.  Our wonderful company has kept us moving pretty good wouldn’t you say?!

Then we got the news!

Last Thursday we got the news that the company we’ve been with for ten years was bought out by another company.  This really hit us in the gut! Hubby planned on retiring with this company, now the company no longer exists.  The parent company that owned our trucking company sold it with no notice to anyone until the deed was done.  When we got the news two things went through our heads; 1st, what about our car that is at our company yard in Ft Worth? Since that yard is no longer “ours” we will have to move our car as soon as possible; 2nd thing was, what happens if we get somewhere far away (like Tacoma, WA) and they (the new company) lets us go?  How do we get all of our belongings home? How do we get home?  We just started saving up again! What a scary situation to be in!

It’s been a week now….

It’s been a week since we received the news and the only “bad” thing that has happened so far is that our yard in Ft Worth is closed off to the new company since they have their own truck yard on the other side of Dallas.  So, we now have to hurry home to get our car out of the “old” yard and take it to the house. Then we go back on the road for 4 days, then come back to Ft Worth for our home time.  It’s not too bad, but it still sucks.

There is one sad thing so far, and that is that some of the older folks we’ve gotten to know over the years at this company have decided to move on to other pastures.  We have been stewing on this ourselves for a few days.  This company that bought our’s is not one that we ever wanted to drive for, but we love the team of people we work with, so this puts us in a quandary.  Hopefully when we are done with our home time we’ll know what we want to do for our future, at least hubby’s future.  My future entails me being a Great portrait photographer!

More news…

I have more news to tell you, but I’m going to save that for the next post.  It’s an exciting new endeavor that is walking me towards my dream of becoming a portrait photographer.  So, keep your eyes pealed to the screen, because the next one will be much sooner than this post was!

Remember to enjoy life, enjoy the day, and take lots of photos for the memories!!

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