About Me, Danni Irene, and My Journey

Self Portrait of Danni Irene of Danni Irene Generational Imaging


Hi, I’m Danni Irene!

Hi, I’m Danni Irene Zak and this is the page where I tell you a bit about myself and my journey.  I’m a 52 year old woman, mother, and wife.  I’m a no frills person who loves hard work and a challenge.  I was a truck driver in the Active Duty Army for over 14 years and I retired from the Illinois Army National Guard as a Staff Sergeant.  I’ve been a professional truck driver for over 13 years with my husband.  F0r the past year I’ve been on medical leave due to arthritis and surgeries.

I am about to return to work with my husband, but I’m at a cross road (yes, pun intended) with my career.  Being a truck driver isn’t as fulfilling of a job as it used to be. I have become very serious about photography this past year and it is something that brings me joy.  So, I plan on changing my career to become a professional portrait photographer within the next year.

My husband and I need to recoup the money we’ve lost while I’ve been recuperating, so I have to continue doing my day job while I move towards this goal.  Since this is a very demanding job and lifestyle, it’s something that might take some ingenuity, creativity and maybe even some help from you, my audience.

My Journey..

I know this will be a difficult journey to travel on, but I think I can do it. There will be difficult long days, and that’ll be ok, I can do this!  It’s not out of my reach, I just have to stay focused and obtain it differently than most people. I want you to come along with me, and maybe help steer me in the right direction when I want to give up.  It’s also a way for me to share with you what works and what doesn’t when trying to change careers while being in a very demanding job already.   I’m sure many of you have demanding jobs that you’re no longer happy with, and that’s the predicament that I’m in.

I’m no longer happy being a truck driver.  I love being with my husband, but that’s about the one thing I still love about this job.  I don’t know everything about being a photographer, but I do know I have the potential to be a pretty damned good one! Just like you can be good at what you want to do.

So, are you ready for this journey to start?

Who says we have to settle?  I’m not going to settle! I’ve been a truck driver for over 30 years and I think it’s time for a change.  So, are you ready to come along on this journey with me?  I think you and I can both learn a lot from this.  Lets get this thing on the road then!