5 Things About Me

You Should Know More About Me

I was thinking the other day, something I do alot when I’m driving out west, that I should tell you more about myself.  So, I thought I’d start off with a few tidbits about me that have been apart of my personality for a long time.  At first I was going to give you 10 things about me, but then I didn’t want to over whelm you, so I thought 5 things could get us started, and then I’ll tell you more about me later on. 

Let’s Get Started

#1  I’m a Tom Boy! I have been one ever since I can remember.  My mother used to have a heck of a time keeping me out of trees and the dirt! She always put me in dresses when I was young, and I remember I’d always come home with them totally a mess.  I did play with dolls, and yes, I had a Barbie Doll! I loved it, until my little brother got a hold of it.  That’s ok though, I got him back by feeding him mud pies with grass.  

Now that I’m older I think this is why I love classic simple things in my life.  I don’t like to jumble it up with frilly things.  My decorating style is simple and eclectic and bit of modern thrown in with old classic useful things.  And this brings me to the next tidbit about me.

Little Danni Irene
See, I had dolls!


#2  I love antiques! Not the frilly, French style either! I love simple and useful antiques and the style that closely resembles that is the Primitive style type of antiques.  I don’t stop there though.  Like I said earlier, I have an eclectic style of decorating, and that includes the antiques I like.  I also love stuff from the 1920’s and 30’s, especially the cream and green kitchenware.  I still have loads of it in storage in Illinois and I can’t wait to get a place big enough to put the stuff into. And the final style of antiques that I’m being more drawn to is mid-century modern, which goes along the same simplistic style.  All of these antique styles have simple lines and aren’t frilly in any way, that’s why I like them so much!

Our living room at Christmas, an eclectic and simple style.


#3  I might as well tell you my favorite colors.  Doesn’t everyone tell you there favorite colors?? My top ones are, blues (especially light blues and aquas), pinks, and orange (especially that burnt orange that’s been popping up lately).  A close second is mint green or an antique green, I think this is where my cream and green antiques come into play.  

Some of my favorite colors

#4  I love the outdoors! I think this is where my Tom Boyishness comes into play.  I was one of those kids that was always outside until the streetlights came on! When I stayed with my Grandparents in the summer months, my best friend and I would always play in the woods or ride our bikes to far and distant places.  When my husband and I were younger, you could always find us camping in the mountains of Colorado or in the Southern parts of Germany.  We loved camping and hiking, even when our son was young, we’d still go out into the wilderness.  Even though we haven’t gone camping in quite a few years, I hope we start doing it again soon.  The older I get, I seem to enjoy the quiet solitude of the outdoors.

A youthful Danni camping in Colorado


#5  The final tidbit about me is that I’ve acquired my love for animals from my mother.  When I was little, she would take in any stray that she found.   She also instilled in me the responsibility of being a good pet owner since I was a child and I thank her for that.  I’m not a person that is partial to just cats or dogs, I love all animals.  If I could, I’d live on a farmette and have every animal that could have.  Heck, I’m worried that when/if he ever dies on me that I’ll become the town cat lady. 

Right now we have 2 cats, Flapjack (the old crumudgeon) and Yuki (the young playful and mischievous one).  If it were possible, we’d have a dog also, but it wouldn’t be right to have a dog with out a yard and someone there to play with him/her to help keep them active and playful.  Cat’s are easier to take care of while on a semi-truck or in an apartment and makes more sense at this time. 

Yuki on her back


Flapjack on the truck

So, What About You?

That’s 5 tidbits about me, so what about you?  What little things could you tell me about yourself? Until next time, Enjoy life, enjoy the day, and take lots of photos for the memories!

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